Social Powered WiFi Marketing

Your WiFi is a gold mine of data and opportunity. Start using it!

Social WiFi - The Next BIG Thing In Marketing

Social powered WiFi is a great marketing opportunity for any business. It turns free business WiFI hotspots into powerful marketing machines. All automated with no effort from the business.

Social WiFi Logins

Consumers login with their social media account that automatically gathers all the customers information including email address. Options to also have consumers sign-in with email or phone number



Custom Splash Pages

Easily customize splash pages to match businesses brand and feel. Add their logo, background images and choose types of login options.

Grow Your Customer List

There is no better way to AUTOMATICALLY grow a business’s customers list. Using Social WiFi you can grow email and text lists to use for automated campaigns and one time broadcasts.



Add Special Offers at Log in

Easily customize your log in  page with specials you want to run or items you want to promote. Add a discount, special, promotion, announcement and much more.

Grow Social Followers

Add social widgets to help your business grow your social media followers.  

We Service A Variety Of Industries

We help local businesses turn their free hotspots into powerful marketing tools!