Grow Your Business With Text Marketing

With an 99% open rate, text marketing is the most effective way to gain and retain customers


  • More than 95% of text messages are read within five minutes of receipt.
  • Text marketing is very effective and easier than any other marketing platform.
  • Every business can use text marketing; real estate, salons, chiropractors, food, hotels, pet and much more.

Text Marketing Application

VIP Text Club

Create a VIP text program that provides customers deals that keep them coming back for more.

Grow Subscribers

Grow your business customer subscribers through various channels.


Create interactive table tents and flyers that generate new subscribers and customers.

Mobile Deals

Mobile deals are the the best way to drive customers into a business.


Automatically respond to customers when they signup for your text program.


Gameify your business by holding contests to grow revenue.

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