Social Wi-Fi
The Next BIG Thing In Marketing

Social WiFi enables customers to connect to your WiFi using their social media profiles, ensuring a quick and simple login. What’s more, you can add social links to your custom splash pages encouraging customers to interact with your brand socially; immediately boosting your social media presence.

What is

Social WiFi Marketing?

Using a smartphone or a laptop to sign onto a WiFi network at a retail location is nothing new. Many retailers still give out a password for customers to sign in but this leaves a lot of potential profit on the table. More-and-more retailers are setting up their network with a sign-in splash page asking customers to connect to the hotspot via their social media accounts. Signing in through a social network is what’s known as social WiFi. While that may seem like an insignificant difference from the password based approach, it is one of the most powerful options a physical space can implement for the most cost-effective and highly targeted digital marketing available.

How Can Social Wi-Fi Benefit My Business?​

WiFi social media marketing dramatically improves your ability to connect with and understand your customers. You can collect demographic and behavioral data, increase customer engagement, and market to your visitors. This increases the number of times they return to your venue which in turn increases sales. Here are just a few benefits you’ll experience with social WiFi


Create automated marketing campaigns via text and email. Send automated "WE MISS YOU" offers to drive customers that have not been into the store in 30 days.


We custom design your free WiFi login page to fit your brand. We have several login options that allow you to collect the customer info that fits your businesses marketing needs.


Collect customer birthdates and automatically send out offers to customers via text message or e-mail on their birthdays to drive them in to your business.

Mobile Deals & Subscriptions

We create custom branded and redeemable mobile deals that you can setup on auto- pilot and also broadcasts to all your subscribers to drive customers into your business.

Create Your Social Wi-Fi Now!

How Does This Benefit Your Customers?

Logging into a guest WiFi network can be a bit of a hassle especially when signing in with a form or looking for the password. Social media authentication, on the other hand, gives your customers a one button sign in option. We take that even further by not only automatically signing users onto the WiFi network every time they return to that location, but every time they visit other locations you may be running the Connect social WiFi platform — whether they have ever been there before or not.