Birthday Program

We work with restaurants to help them increase foot traffic, sales, and customer retention. Our fully automated custom Birthday Club Program helps local restaurants and businesses get more new customers on an ongoing basis.

There are many ways for your Customers
to Sign-Up for your Birthday Program

Social Wi-Fi


Text Message


QR Code



Social Media

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Rewards Program

What birthday marketing allows is a natural point of entry to collect the contact details of your guests. Once on your mailing list, you can send advertisements on an ongoing basis at a very low cost. This maximizes the lifetime value of every customer that comes in through your birthday marketing program.

Five Good Reasons To Have A Birthday Program

1) GOODWILL: People are generally in a good mood on their birthday and will bring upbeat energy to the restaurant. More importantly, the customer will feel better about your restaurant since you went the extra mile for his or her birthday.

2) GROUPS: Birthday guest seldom dine alone on their birthday and often times they brings groups of friends and family to celebrate with them. The average birthday table is 3-4 people.

3) INCREASED BUSINESS DURING SLOW TIMES: Birthdays happen seven days a week, year round—providing you with the opportunity to bring in customers throughout the week and throughout the year.

4) REVENUE MULTIPLIER: The power of just one more visit can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line. Just think how having multiple customers that dine with you on a daily basis choosing to celebrate at your restaurant instead of your competitor.

5) GROW YOUR CUSTOMER DATABASE: A new guest is your most expensive sale, while repeat guests are low hanging fruit. Maximizing repeat business should be one of the primary goals of your restaurant.

Ready To Start Your Own Birthday Club?

Fun Facts

Why not capitalize on the fact that more than 70% of Americans eat out with friends and family on their birthday? Guess where they want to eat? Well somewhere where the food is great, the atmosphere is fun and it’s FREE!

Birthday celebrants rarely eat alone on their birthday. Most of the time, they are with large groups consisting of friends and family. On average, a birthday celebrant brings about 3-4 people with them.

According to the National Restaurant Association Birthday patrons spend on average $78 per table.

People who celebrated their birthday at your birthday restaurant have a much higher chance of visiting your restaurant in the future. They’ve had a good time with you, why wouldn’t they come back?




Make sure to create a very convincing and irresistible offer that customers can’t refuse. This way, they will eat at your restaurant rather than at your competitors. Some common offers include complimentary desserts or meals for the birthday celebrant if they are with a paying guest. Be GENEROUS. A Free desert is not that WOW but a FREE main course or free meal will get someone’s attention.

 If you give away one meal and get 3 other people paying, that more than makes up for the cost.



We will create some marketing material to present your birthday club to your existing guests to encourage them to sign up for the club.

There are several ways you can offer your customers to sign up for your Birthday Club. 

Text Message / Social Wi-Fi / Social Media call to action / Website / QR Code / Rewards Program



Our Custom Birthday Club Platform is fully automated once set-up. It continuously operates with virtually NO work on your part or the need for any additional staff. 

Our Software automatically sends out an email and/or text message to reminder your customers on their birthday with a personal offer to celebrate their special occasion at your restaurant

Our Birthday Club offers your Business a marketing opportunity to gain more customers and increase revenue.